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In The Vault: Bohemia Moveable Feast

Super excited for our inaugural pop up at The Vault in Mother Road Market! I'll have shelf stable fare for your pantry, including our Magic Garlic Bits, as well as toffee, cayenne cashew brittle, lemon bars, caramel bars, but how about some grab and go fare for lunch like white truffle egg salad, grilled marinated chicken salad with Rainier cherries, a variety of hummus. I will bring some frozen stuff for you to heat-and-eat at home, which will include our contest winners:

Lumpia Shanghai (ground pork-based Filipino egg rolls).
Chicken Adobo (garlic soy glazed black pepper chicken on rice).
Brother Love Lasagna (with an Italian sausage-based Bolognese).
Hungry Man Brisket (on potato puree with Drambuie brown sauce).

Farmers' Market Favorites:
Bohemian Quiche (with bacon, Parmesan, sherry onion, spinach).
Dreamy, Creamy Chicken Lasagna (with Jarlsburg, mushrooms and spinach).

You looking for food? I got your food!