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In The Vault: Pay It Forward Pop Up

Pay It Forward is a non-profit organization working at the University of Tulsa. Every freshman and sophomore on our campus has a meal plan and some upperclassmen do as well. This means you have a certain number of cafeteria meals per week: 8, 12, 15, etc. But if the students don't use those meals at the end of each week, the extra meals they have don't carry over to the next week are wasted. Our program allows those students to sign to give those extra meals to us. Each Friday afternoon, we package the meal students give, and take them to the homeless around Tulsa. We're even going to start giving extra meals to food insecure students on our campus as well. We've given over 1,700 meals in the past 7 months since we started (taking out breaks for Christmas and Summer). We've also received other donations to give to the homeless as well, including 100 gift bags, almost 300 books, and over 100 clothing items and toiletries.

At our pop-up, we want to show you who we are. We want to show our mission, and our vision. Our vision for the future is to change one life at a time through our giving. We want to give them food, or clothes, but most importantly let them know that they're not alone. Our mission this next year is to get more and more students to donate, which takes more advertising, and more publicity. We also want to receive more donations, through financial means, or literally anything people can give that someone in need could use. That means that the pop-up will be our information pipeline, but also, we will be trying to make a profit at the event, through selling our shirts, and other items we might bring to receive donations. And we'll have a signup for whoever wants to be apart of our informational emails, or even join us on Friday nights at our school where they can serve their community as well! Learn more at

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