Did you know that Mother Road Market has another nonprofit operating within our walls, dedicated to helping food entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses?

Welcome to Kitchen 66 (K66), Tulsa's kickstart kitchen, and Tulsa's first food incubator! We help Tulsa food entrepreneurs succeed by providing key resources including: affordable commercial kitchen space renting at an average of $12/hour, business training programs like the Launch Program, and sales and distribution platforms like the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe and Kitchen 66 General Store. Like Mother Road Market, Kitchen 66 is a nonprofit program of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow and scale your food business? Do you need commercial kitchen space to produce your product legally within health code? Are you looking for a place to hold professional cooking classes? Do you have a great business idea, but need some help putting the finishing touches on your business plan? Do you want to connect with mentors, resources and fellow like-minded entrepreneurs? Visit www.kitchen66tulsa.com to schedule a tour of our facility, and we can help connect you with the resources you need!


Do you want to support Kitchen 66 entrepreneurs and make a difference in their businesses? Dine at the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe and shop at the Kitchen 66 General Store!


Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe

At the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe, you’ll find a different entrepreneur popping up every day to test their business concept. When you choose the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe for lunch or dinner, your dollars are going directly into supporting the entrepreneur’s small business! Your feedback is valuable to the entrepreneurs, as they are often testing out new recipes and different concepts. Check out who’s cooking in the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe this month!

Open 11AM-7PM, Tuesday-Sunday


Kitchen 66 General Store

The Kitchen 66 General Store gives our Kitchen 66 members that develop on packaged products a dedicated sales platform to grow and scale their concepts alongside other Oklahoma makers.

Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift, grabbing a sweet-smelling candle, wanting a sweet treat or snagging a Mother Road Market t-shirt - we have you covered. Shop local and support your small businesses!

Open 11AM-7PM, Tuesday-Sunday.